Saturday, 31 March 2012

Spring? Maybe?

I am at last beginning to feel human again. I have started 'doing' again. Not alot, because I can't. For instance the fence round the bottom patio need refreshing, this would normally have been done in under one day. It took me most of last week to do!

I am pleased, I do love this colour 'Beaumont Blue' from the 'Shades' range.

This pic was taken last week, looks dead doesn't it?

Its not, a bit of heat and a bit of water then off we go!

Some Ensete's getting a bit of heat to set them off.

Out in the garden, at the beginning of the week, with temperatures up in the 20C the TRex has woken from its winter slumber. It is currently fleeced again as it is alot chillier now.

My tomatoes (sorry about the pic) now potted on are romping away.

The Cobaea Scandens where taking over the shelf they where on, climbing and twining round everything, how I am going to keep them going in here till all frosts are past I don't know??

As for the pond, well this is a mess. I haven't had blanket weed and green slimey stuff for donkeys years. I know its to do with constructing the new pond, lack of plants etc etc but it is awful.

I did suggest we built a pergola over it, but the man with the money said no.

Now this is a pond. I would love to have Koi, but hubster is dead against it!

Other growing's on in the Greenhouse.

The staging is still to be put together for the greenhouse, I hope to do that today. I have more plants, and have had to pot on what I had (a good sitting down job). So its getting even tighter in there.

Later in the week I am off to a friend in Reading who has some plants ready for me. I am very excited. Just hoping the weather warms up again.

Now the weather has gone a bit colder you will find Mr Darcy, wrapped up in his duvet! We found he would chew through blankets etc, but whilst I have been unwell I kept a duvet in the lounge and we often wondered where he was until the duvet began to move. He loves warmth, so he now has his own duvet which he tunnels into and settles down. He gets very toasty in here!

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  1. Your Cobea's look good, which reminds me I forgot to sow any. Doh!!


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