Sunday, 13 March 2011

Glorious Sunshine

See this

isn't it lovely, blue skies, white fluffy clouds and that bright shiny ball in the sky, out of the breeze it is glorious.

The pond is full of this

and the frogs are still busy!!!!!

In the greenhouse the windows are open

and the treeferns are looking exceedingly healthy.

just look at this banana, spent the whole winter in the greenhouse

has not been watered all that time and blow me it has started growing again. Wonder if its too early to start watering???

Depressingly I cannot find my book, the book I write in every year planning out my veg beds, when I plant seeds etc I have searched everywhere, there is 5 years worth of notes in it, I am gutted :o(


  1. I think you can start watering now, especially it's still in the greenhouse :)

    It was gloriously sunny on Saturday but was overcast Sunday. Still managed to do loads!

  2. How maddening to have misplaced your book. I hope it turns up for you.
    Amazing anything survived after the Winter you had..!


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