Saturday, 6 November 2010

A Bloggers Tea Towel Swap

Would anyone in Blogosphere be interested in having a Tea Towel Swap. Well thats what we call them in the UK, I'm not sure what they are called elsewhere, but basically its the towel that you dry up the plates and cutlery with, if you don't own a dishwasher!!

The plan, you buy a Tea Towel from your locality showing something about your town, the history of it or similar, it should not be plain. Fold it up with a short note and post it to your swap partner. To keep costs down do not include anything else in the packaging please.

If you are interested and would like to join in, please comment on here, then e-mail me your address, I will then stick all the swappees into a bowl, draw them out and forward the swap partner address to you.


  1. Sure, count me in. Did you see the one I got from Lottie in my Parkin post? I love tea towels. And that is what we call them here, too.

  2. Oh yes, what a fabulous idea... I wonder who the crazy blogger was who put this in your mind? hee hee!
    Yes, I'd love to participate in the tea towel swap. I'll email you my address as requested. But keep in mind that I am busily packing up my house ready to move to a new house on November 19, so might not get the tea towel in the mail as soon as I'd like!

  3. Oh dear, can't find your email address anywhere....

  4. Ok I found it! And sorry I called you Sue... my brain is still sleeping.


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