Sunday, 14 October 2018

Autumn has arrived

I haven't posted for ages, I have been so busy doing my Millionsteps, which I achieved raising £404 for DiabetesUK feeling very proud of myself.

So whats been going on..........

well the small treefern has decided to grow, a bit late, but its alive, I just have to keep it that way during the winter.

I have a new Canna, it is stunning, not only does it have stripy flowers it has stripy leaves and stem too. Canna Cleopatra.

The Amaranthus excelled itself this year and is a definate for next year too.

My Hiniba propagation continues, how I will get these through winter I have no idea as they are far

too small to dry store, but I have a plan....

which involves a very well insulated greenhouse

our old neighbours have now moved out and our new neighbours are now in. The lady of the house runs her own gardening business, how exciting is that, there have been quite significant changes already...

The bay tree that has got quite enormous

has gone, well not totally but it has been chopped back to below the height of the wall.

I am sure you will remember the hedge that was the other side of the new fence and for the 10 years our neighbours lived there it looked like this, sticking up a good 2 -3ft above the fence line.

J the new neighbour asked to come and look round my garden, she must have noticed because it has also now disappeared behind the fence. It is still there but has been reduced severely, and the 

difference it has made is amazing, there is so much light coming in. It will be interesting to see if it is maintained at this height, fingers crossed.  She has bonfires going all day everyday, which is a pain but to be honest I shall keep quiet for now.
Well thats it for the mo, back later in the month, hopefully.

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