Monday, 26 February 2018

Sunny but Freezing

I love cold frosty days with blue sky and bright sun. So I toddled outside with my camera.

This has been frozen for a few days now.

I am trying to decide what to do with this trough. Its on wheels so easily movable.

It used to have bamboo in it, but it basically out grew the trough. It was a tremendous struggle to get it out. I think this is why I have held off putting something else in it. It remained empty last year and if I am not inspired this year I may sell it.

Another work in progress, the large trough by the pond. This is east facing, and gets full sun most of the day. I have tried a number of plants over the years, with varying success. But not quite right. Last year I made the decision to make it into another Arid bed.

Once finished planted up, it should be relatively easy to protect over winter. Especially when we get the new fence.

In the Greenhouse all the cactus, Agaves and succulents

are doing well





My palm is looking very poorly this year, it is not hardy so every year I dig it up and bring it in

and every summer out it goes. When outside it grows like crazy seems to have an incredible recovery, then every autumn I dig it out and it suffers badly. But this year is the worst. I know there will come a time when  A) I can no longer dig it out. B) It dies. I have considered keeping it in a large pot but because of its amazing recovery once it is planted out, I have continued. We will see?

The rest of the greenhouse looks like this. I have had a massive whitefly infestation which has very sadly nearly decimated my giant dandelion. I am amazed with people who have a crammed greenhouse and never suffer any beasty invasion.

Winter is the time when you can actually see the messy parts of the garden. Can you ever have too many pots? These are my larger pots, I hate throwing these ones away. The two deep troughs will be used this year as I have great plans for using them in the front garden. The others are 'just in case'!

Looks such a mess, but all useful maybe the big blue box could go??

Good wooden stakes on the floor. I have had them, for years,another 'just in case'. They where going to be used around the palms for winter protection, until I found that 'clothes props' where easier and lighter to use.I think I may chop them up and use them for firewood.

The wheelbarrow fortunately has holes in it, is full of soil that came out from between the pond and the fence. I am going to need soil to go back in there, once the fence has been done, so its just sitting at the moment.
Lots going on. Plans whizzing around my head, catalogues strewn across the floor, choices, choices.


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