Friday, 1 September 2017

An Early Autumnal Morning.

I think you can always tell when autumn is round the corner, you find spiders in the bath, or when you walk down the garden you walk through loads of cobwebs. I am not keen on spiders but I do love looking at their webs in the garden.

The light this morning was gorgeous.

I love the sun shining through the  trees and plants.

My camera has died so these pics are being taken on my phone.  I don't think the photos are nearly as good, so I'm busily saving for a new camera.

The next photo is my most favourite photo this morning.

Then off on the dog walk

The dog has his 'go faster' ears in place.

the next 4 photos are a landscape view from the top of the hill.

1 comment:

  1. The "go faster" ears are interesting. Do they work????
    Yes, autumn is in the air. We are having nice sunny days but the temp went down to 7C last night, a portend of things to come. What a lovely walk through the fields.


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