Monday, 6 March 2017

It Must Be Spring??

I have been away for the weekend and come back to ........

Frogs spawn and loads of it...... sadly I don't think much of it will survive this year as we had a big pond clear out last autumn so a lot of the oxygenating weed has not grown back yet, but we will see.

The other indication that spring is here is........... the Alien has started sprouting. Its a Rheum, and grows like crazy, has the most amazing huge leaves and looks great until the latter part of the year when it looks awful lol!

The Persicaria Red Dragon is popping up too.

Euphorbia Characias 'Tasmanian Devil' I think. Now I am not a massive fan of euphorbias, but I totally love this one, it really lightens this part of the garden.

For a person that doesn't like Euphorbias....... here is another one lol!

Spring is trying to Spring!!!

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