Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A Dog Walk Around the Village!

I decided to take a few pics of our 3.5 mile walk around our village, there are a number of working farms, so the roads are horrendously muddy and shitty too!!

Darcy loves this walk when its dry

Walking uptowards Heddington

Roundway Hill

Our own Meditation Temple

Darcy does everything not to walk in the running water down the side of the road!

Still going uphill

We have walked across the top of the village, turning down just before the church.

Passing the Village pub.

On down the hill we are now going through some of the muddiest parts of the village.

The hill to the right is called Kingsplay!

Coming back round into Stockley. Darcy is now trailing behind, he really hates wet and mud!

Coming to the home straight. I am now having to chivy Darcy along ....

More mud and puddles....

What is better than a bath after a long walk errrrr not, Darcy hates this,, but it is a regular occurence becuase this is what happens to a dog with short legs!

But then we have a grotty bath to clean out!!

Afterwards once he is towel dried

he goes mad running around downstairs, something he always does, I must try and get it on video one day!!!

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