Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Bit Warm Today!

Have you ever wondered why us 'Brits' talk about the weather so much?

As you can see today is rather warm

and yes my sensor is in the shade, and also the time is an hour fast, so this was actually at 14.35pm

But the garden is loving it

The jungle bed is amazing this year.

The tree spinach has reached heights I have never seen before.

This Canna is tall! Can't wait for it to flower.

My hibiscus is flowering, how exciting is that, this is the first year it has flowered since I planted it in the ground! Wish it was blue though. Don't get me wrong I love white, especially white flowers, but I think a blue flower would look good here.

The Arid bed just loves this weather, over the weekend it was drenched in the horrendous rain we had. It always amazes me how quickly cactus grow in the UK. People seem to think that they need just heat. I have bought some of my large cactus from people who have literally just baked them in a conservatory or greenhouse.
Here are mine outside in all UK weathers and they are growing sooooo quickly. This Agave Americana is romping along.

 This next Agave (name has escaped me)is looking so much better since I moved it out of the main bed, where it was being undermined by ants.

Look at my babies grow!

I have had this Variagated Agave Americana for years I repotted it this year, this is one of the few that has to be lifted into the greenhouse for winter.

I do like to garden outside of the norm!

The Cycas Revoluta have done it again, and have decided  to 'flush' now!! I fed and watered like crazy earlier in the year hoping they would 'flush' earlier but this hasn't worked.

To be honest I wouldn't really call the last one a 'flush' more like a few spikes!!

Something going on here! The only problem is, if we don't have an Indian Summer I will end up with 'wrinkly fronds' as they won't have hardened off enough before it gets moved inside!!

But the biggest thing in the garden is the Trachy

I have no idea how I will get up here to tidy it up each year, especially when I am not good with heights!!!


  1. What a fabulous collection of plants. Great work Libby!

    1. Thank you Sheila, it is a work in progress! lol!


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