Sunday, 7 February 2016


We have sprung a leak in the biomass pellet storage shed!!

well not a leak as such as the rain water has soaked in through the wood!!! The shed is raised off the concrete plinth, but obviously something is not working, so we shall be asking our builder back and we are thinking of maybe have a brick base, but will go by his recommendations!!

Although we had the roof redone January 2014

we still have an ongoing leak, it is driving it potty. We have no idea what to do and neither does the roofer. He comes again tomorrow as the leak was serious again this weekend.
We are prepared to have the tongue and groove taken down in the bathroom, this hides what I suspect is a very old and probably damaged lathe and plaster ceiling, but if it needs to be done, then done it must be. We have to find the source of the leak!!!

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