Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Plant and forget!

I do this all the time, I plant out plants in the spring/early summer and totally forget about them, only to be surprise later in the year when a flower appears.
This happened today whilst I was clearing the raised bed next to the pond. I had planned to fill this with succulent and cactus as this dries out so quickly so these plants would be ideal, but I am still not certain.

Whilst digging it out I came across this, isn't it beautiful, I do love white flowers. I don't even remember planting it!!! There are quite a few buds on it as well.

This plant has been so neglected, no watering, no feeding, nothing. Yet still it produces beautiful blooms like this.
I have a number of Passionflowers now and just love the blooms.
I didn't think this one was going to flower at all this year, but noticed these flower buds today!

Meanwhile this one, also down by the pond , had I thought stopped flowering but, as you can see it continues to flower, over and over again.

Cobea Scandon Alba, another neglected plant is covered in buds at the moment.

another favourite of mine just opening, a passionflower.
It amazes me how these beautiful these plants are and that I have actually grown them in rural Wiltshire!

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