Friday, 24 April 2015

New Bed is Finished

2 tonnes of gravel moved round by my birthday present!! He did it in 2 hours, it would have taken me the weekend!! And we could have taken more!!

I have some plants, but need the weather to improve before I plant them in. I also need to work out how to protect this over winter. The box plants are being moved so still plenty to keep me busy!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sunny with a Cold Wind

 To me this combination is great for working in the garden. I don't get all hot and horrible!

This last week has brought about a few small changes in the garden, as we continue on the big project.

On Friday, the Brahea Armata has been planted, as we dug down we hit clay, unusual in my garden, but what I have done to counteract this is to raise the height of the planting, but putting lots of gravel in the hole so it will not sit in water. I have also added a lot of gravel to the soil to aid drainage. I still have to put some raised edges around and finish off with more gravel. I just hope I have picked the right spot!!!

All the gravel was removed, the whole plot leveled, weed membrane put down and the gravel returned. We are getting there, still a way to go.

Next week 2 tons of gravel to be barrowed in!!!

Saturday I got the boys toys out and edged the bed of the palm

and finished edging the main bed, I never finished it last year so now looks a bit neater.

This morning found me yet again in the greenhouse, my poor Monty is not looking good, do hope it pulls through!

Crammed, just need a bit more heat, come on sun!!!

We where unable to buy a new base for my water but, as they are only sold if you buy the water butt!!! How silly is that, So we did a self build job. Just hope non of the others go as that is the last of the bricks!!!

Now all I need is rain to fill the three empty water butts up!!

Maybe I could order rain with sun, that would get things growing!!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I Was Looking For a Plant Pot


I couldn't find the one I wanted anywhere!!!!!