Saturday, 29 August 2015

A Day Out............

in the garden.....
I have been neglecting the garden terribly ,for two reasons, 1) The Rain! and hasn't it!!!! 2) Sewing, I am so enjoying my sewing, I used to sew a lot years and years ago, but with children it sort of got pushed to one side, but I have started again and am really loving it.

So today being the sunny day of the bank holiday, I decided to go outside and do a bit of tidying up, I was supposed to finish tidying the other side of the shed, but didn't fancy that so did some snipping and chopping in between taking pics!

This is Nicotiana Langdorf. I saw it when I went round Highgrove and really loved it, managed to track down some seeds and lo and behold here we are. The only problem is, Highgroves where about 6 inches tall, mine are a metre!!!

This is Brugmansia San Guinea, It got left out last winter mainly because I had to dash up to be with mum. But it has gone mad this year, just waiting for flowers now!!

Beautiful sun through stripy leaves!

Tree spinach, and yes apparently you can eat it, great filler with a pretty pink tinge to the leaves, but next year I must remember to put it at the back of the border, its taller than me now!!!!

Forgotten the name of this but has the most beautiful furry leaves on top

then you turn them over, lots of spikes!!!

Isn't this to die for dinner plate aeonium (Aeonium tabuliforme) its still in the pot I bought it in, I haven't had the courage to take it out

but it has grown huge now!

Meanwhile down by the arid bed, I repotted the Agava Americana and it has grown and grown, so muc so I have to be careful walking past it.

The babies are doing so well too!

Lots of colour in the Arid bed.

Finally the prickley pear has been loving all this rain and is growing like crazy!!!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

I am so untidy!!

I never used to be, when the girls where at home, I used to give everyone 'what for' if they didn't tidy up after themselves.
Now they have left home, I would much rather play than tidy!!!

Do you remember the lovely tidy potting shed in my friends garden on a past blog post. Well I came up with an ingenious idea to create more space in the greenhouse.................

move the potting bench into the shed!!

Easier said than done

As you can see the shed is full to the brim, so I have made a start and persuaded my daughter to do a car boot sale and started working through everything.

I know we are 'clutterbucks' but it happens so I have made a concerted effort with hubbies help and the potting bench is now in the shed.

Looks quite tidy doesn't it lol,

nope! still this side to sort out! there are 2 bikes, my nanas brass bed, a hangy upside down thing to help my back which I can now no longer use cos of my knee and some bits of furniture which need doing up.

then you add the big wicker baskets your daughter has asked you to mind!

So whilst doing all this I also thought it might be a good idea to try and set up my large propagator in here as well as I do have a gro-light. So this week I am going to be ruthless, the body boards will be going to the car boot plus loads more. I am going to go through all those boxes at the back. My hubby is going to have a dicky doo dah! as he hates me getting rid of things, but if it will give me more space in the greenhouse, surely that has to be good?

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Changes since May

Its amazing just how much plants grow in 3 months and you don't really notice until you compare photographs!

The Arid bed just after we planted in!

and three months later you can already see the difference.

The evil Prickly Pear before we even planted it. This was one beast of a plant, so big I cut it back to give it a better chance.

So 3 months later, you can see its grown, looking a lot greener


and is covered in more flower buds!

Meanwhile my Trachy was flowering back in May

this year I forgot to cut the flowers off so you can actually see just how much it has grown!!

So how does your garden grow?