Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Arid Bed Uncovered.

We have been forecast a fairly good week of weather, so I decided to uncover the arid bed and see how it has faired.
Seems ok, I hung the cover on the neighbours fence, just in case we have to do and emergency cover up!

I knew some of the plants had started flowering.

The colours are amazing, but sadly my camera does not do them justice.

Jelly beans!

Although this looks a spectacular colour I suspect it is half dead due to lack of water!!

Some of the lower Agave leaves are looking a little crisp!

But on the whole some lovely colours.

and not looking too bad.

Some flowers too.

the crispy bits!

So now to think what I can add next year!!

Monday, 2 May 2016

May...... it be sunny soon!

Well I am glad April is over, what horrible weather we have had and often all in one day.

My greenhouse is crammed, the poor tomatoes are desperate to be potted up or put in to grow bags, but I have nowhere to fit them.

The bananas are very very slow starting, but at least they are showing signs of life!

Most of these plants are destined for my mums garden and yes they need potting on too, but I have nowhere to put them if they are in bigger pots. Most of these usually could have started to be hardened off by now, but the frosts we have been having have been very heavy!
At the bottom of the picture you can see 2 hanging baskets, one for me and one for my daughter.

More plants

This Agave Americana grows massively every year and each winter I always end up stabbing myself a number of times whilst its in the greenhouse.

More of my Agaves and arid collection under the shelves.

Aeonium tabuliforme  and its flower spike.

Meanwhile, outsidethe patch of green that is supposed to be lawn....
                                                                                          apart from the corner this bit isn't too bad...

but this bit .............. well what can I say!!!!
                                                         Its a mess and to be honest is not lawn, more like weeds..

and here we have masses of Ground Elder!! So this year the whole lot including all the plants that back on to the fence are coming out, I am then going to put a really strong weed killer down all summer, then I shall get my gardener back to put like a membrane down between vertically between  myself and the neighbour. Then in the autumn I will lay new turf.

Fingers and toes crossed it will work!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Gardening and Ground Elder

So the sun has been shining and I have been out in the garden (of course). I have been planting, shrubs and bulbs in the flower garden. That's this part of the garden.

I have also managed to get some more sleepers which will replace the smaller bits of wood which edge the beds currently.

lots more to go in, quite excited as I'm hoping it will look super.

I now have ground elder!!!! Lived here for 28 years never had it before. When my neighbour got her fence replaced it must have set something off. I've been told the best way to get rid of it is to dig out all the plants and pick out the roots!!

To the right of the old watering can is a Sambuca Nigra, which is huge and magnificent in the summer. Mind you looking at this photo from last year I can see ground elder there!!!

We also have little visitors, its most odd, there is a track to the hole in the middle of the lawn

and a pile of soil has appeared from nowhere. I think the hole is to small for rats, but that pile of soil is too big for mice, not looking forward to digging this out!!!

I love this hellabore, it flowers for ages and ages, and ages.

and as to this lawn, well I have no words, I have to replace this every year! Maybe I will paint it green!

Crammed Greenhouse.

and of course would I be in the garden and not think of some changes!! I had mentioned that we wanted a pergola, but after getting some quotes, they are quite expensive, so has been put on hold till after our daughters wedding.
                  we can always do something that just requires muscle......   so the old gunnera is not doing as well as it used to, so I think it will come out, as you can see the new pump is quite an eyesore.

 So, I thought I might swop the pump with the waterfall and plant my new Gunnera where the old water fall used to be, I think it will have more room and will hide the pump well.

plus excitement, I was told today that 15 of the old fence panels will be being changed, so will look like a new garden.

Of course Darcy is never far away.

More next time xxx