Monday, 25 January 2016


So spring is upon us...................... maybe, not that we have really had winter. But, staying on a positive note, the catalogues have started to land on the mat, I love them, I could easily spend hundreds of pounds. I have already earmarked some new bananas (Musa).

The plan is to really plant so I don't have to dig up each autumn, but year upon year I fail. I so love the big leaves of some of my plants.

So far the arid bed seems to be surviving well, can't wait till its all uncovered, few months yet.

So on to the BIG plans!!!!!

What shall we do this year? There is not really that much left to do, is there?

I could do with training this passionflower along the wall over the gate, along the next wall then hopefully start covering the 'hopper' shed.

This decking is lethal, looks nice but its better than an ice rink. We could do with lifting it but I think this would be a major job as there are posts supporting the frame under neath sunk in concrete???

We are hoping the neighbours will be replacing the fence this year. One has completely fallen out and is proving difficult to secure Darcy in, we have all bits of wood wedged in at the moment.

Mr Darcy, never far from my side when we are in the garden.

The collapsing fence panel

The bottom patio, this is where we are thinking of putting a pergola. the passionflower has grown so well over the last few years and this gets really, really hot in the sun, so would be a great frame for the passionflower to grow over.

In the greenhouse I would like to find some LED grow lights, hopefully reducing my costs. I would also like to look at better heating, well not necessarily better, but cheaper to run.

Look at the state of this Cycas Revoluta, it makes me laugh. It flushed late and was covered with fleece, then had to be moved into the greenhouse, and because I moved it, the leaves became distorted.

The baby Cycas Revoluta

looks very like its going to flush

The loquat is growing so quickly.

Baby T-Rex, I will have a number of these available for sale this year

So now to go off, price up and decide what the project for the year will be!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Here comes Frank!

My last post was just before storm 'Abigale' and here we are just over six weeks later and storm Frank is upon us! So that is 6 storms in 6 weeks!  We have had lots and lots of rain, the weather is really mild 12C but fortunately where I live, no flooding. Northern England especially York, and Cumbria and even Manchester have been flooded more than once.
Everybody, says rivers must be dredged etc. etc. but I'm not sure much can be done when you have a months rain in just one day. We should be doing lots more to fight global warming. But yes in the meantime, ways to waterproof houses, or even raise them on stilts should be thought of.

The poor plants in the garden have no idea what season we are in!

The Musa Basjoo have started growing again.

I have had these a number of years and this is the first year this has ever happened!

I expect the February cold weather will put paid to these continuing to grow!

The tree fern is showing new growth.

The Passionflowers are doing just that... flowering. New buds appearing daily.
The fence down by the pond has about had it. The neighbours have said they will replace it ( as its theirs) we have said we will buy concrete base panels to help the fence stay out of the damp and dirt.

The Hellabores also flowering away!

 I had planned to cut this clematis back in the spring, it obviously has other plans!!

The fish are still really active and we are still feeding them, they go nuts when the food goes in, that tells you just how warm it is!

The arid bed is looking good from either end, I'm looking forward to when we might have a few dry days and I can take the cover of to have a look and make sure if anything needs water it gets it well before any possible colder weather.

Happy New Year to you x

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Storm Abigail, Friday 13th!

Since all of the winds earlier this week and now 'Storm Abigail' which mainly hit Scotland but we got a lot of rain and wind, the temperatures have definitely dropped. Hubby had a half day yesterday so having been told no rain PM we decided to go for the big dig!!!

Weather forecasters can and do get it wrong and they certainly did for Friday afternoon, it was wet, cold and windy, we had sleet and hail to contend with whilst getting the 'Jungle' in!

This is what it looks like now!

I hate this, leaves and mud everywhere. I couldn't get my garden waste bin through as it was so wet and has to come through the house. So this will stay like this until it dries a bit.

So five 'nanas' where cut back dug up and brought in, numerous Cannas and lots of Colocasia and Xanthasoma (Elephants Ears). This only took an hour to do, so I have reduced how much is dug up but I would like to reduce it further.

Bye bye Jungle for now.